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Last October 10, 2019, about 50 employees from Capitol University Medical Center underwent a holistic wellness activity at Capitol University with the theme: “Bringing Holistic Wellness in the Workplace.” The whole day event was spearheaded by CUMC’s Ancillary Department in partnership with Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) Movement – a group of Catholic laypeople involved in the work of evangelization and incorporating the Gospel in the workplace by reaching individuals and institutions through seminars and public awareness. The LCSC engaged the employees with talks about wellness towards self, others, and their Faith.

Topics discussed were:

  1. Is Religion Relevant Today?
  2. Path to Wellness
  3. Creating Wellness Zones
  4. Taking a Leap to Wellness
  5. Self Care

The activity commenced with a group sharing on their insights about the event. Attaining holistic wellness is a challenging task but a possible thing to do. The session taught the participants about how the physical (body), psychological (mind), and spiritual (Faith) health interplay in strengthening one’s character.


Crossworks: A Pathway to Well-Being | By Lady Lexille Avitriz L. Abonitalla, RPm

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