Food and Nutrition Section

The Capitol University Medical Center Food and Nutrition Section combines the related functions of clinical nutrition and food services. We provide meal services and clinical support for both in-patients and out-patients. The purpose of the section is to provide clean, hygienic, nutritious, nourishing, and attractive meals, which meet the nutritional needs of the patients in the facility while following therapeutic diets as prescribed by the physician. High quality, nourishing, and well-prepared meals and special formulas are served to meet client’s nutritional needs as part of their treatment and recovery. All food and nutrition services will take place in a safe and sanitary environment. We have full-time Registered Clinical Dietitian who delivers nutrition counseling, assessment, and education to patients. In addition, the section offers outpatient follow-ups by appointments.


In-patient Services:

Preparing meals for our inpatients and admin staff 

Calorie counts and instructions on formula preparation

Nutrition consultations focusing on current medical nutrition therapy.

Nutritional assistance for medical conditions as:

a. Diabetes
b. Cardiovascular disease
c. Cancer
d. Kidney disease
e. Diet plan in all ages


Out-patient Nutrition Services:

The outpatient nutritional counseling program focuses on helping individuals learn to make healthy food choices and lifestyle changes. Weight management and sports nutrition counseling is also available. A physician referral is required for individual outpatient nutrition counseling. 


Food and Nutrition Section, 8th Floor


Office Hours: 

Monday – Friday |  8:00 A.M – 5:30 P.M


Contact Numbers:

881-8139 | Local 144

Mobile: 0917 126 1554

Email: [email protected]

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