Brain Matters Inc.

Brain Matters Inc. – Memory and Neuropsychological Assessment Center


Services Offered:

  1. Neuropsychological Assessment for:
  2. Memory and Cognitive Functions Assessment (General/ Post Traumatic Brain Injury)
  3. Dementia Testing and Management
  4. Psychological Assessment for:
  5. Clinical Screening
  6. Counseling
  7. Industrial/ Employment
  8. Court Cases


Process Flow:

  1. Present referral from a doctor/ endorsement from an employer
  2. Take the Neuro/Psychological and Dementia Tests for 2-3 Hours
  3. Answer the questions during the Initial Review
  4. Neuro/Psychological & Dementia Test Report


Benefits of taking Neuro/Psychological Testing & Dementia Screening:

  • One’s condition will be evaluated holistically.
  • Diagnoses of one’s condition will be given.
  • Proper intervention/ treatment & management will be known.
  • Unfold psychological incapacity of one’s partner if test results prove so.
  • One’s intellectual ability, personality, & tendencies will be understood.



Room 310b, 3rd Floor, West Wing Building


Open Hours:

Monday- Friday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Saturday: 9:00AM -12:00NN | By Appointment


Contact Numbers:

(088) 856-4730 / 856-4730 | Local 205

Mobile: 0905-161-0897


Facebook page: @brainmatterscdo

Email: [email protected]



Macrine Grace G. Amato, MD, FPNA (Neurologist)

Nicholson Valmoria, MD, FPSGS, FPCS (Surgeon)

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